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Jade Expert Flashlight to evaluate the quality of the jade.

Jade Expert Flashlight to evaluate the quality of the jade.


Expert Jade Flashlight can help to evaluate the quality of the jade. For the same qualtiy jade, the heavier and bigger one will be more valuable.

For the evaluation of Nephrite, color takes a large position.The color should be uniform, no impurities and with rich tones. The best would be the white jade, it has the highest value, other others would be relatively worse. For the white jades, the whiter it is, the more values it has. In oppsite, the more black the better.

Luster is very important for the quality of Nephrite. According to the light emitted by flashlights can judge the refraction effect of jades. Nephrite is waxy with oil sheen, and the stronger oil sheen the better. Suet jade is the best quality nephrite, that means the oil sheen is strong, so it feels more oily.

Under the radiation of the flashlights, jade will be highly transparent. The clarity of nephrite mainly depends on the impurities and defects. The larger fissures it has, the worse quality it is. if the jade with a flaw , it is necessary to consider digging out the defective part.