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Jade Expert flashlight Become Popular

Jade Expert flashlight Become Popular


Many jade buyers usually shine the jade with a flashlight when choosing.For new comers,they may not fully understand how to use flashlight to detect.Today,let’s talk about how to correctly use a flashlight to see jade.

The effect of flashlight and using method

See the crack.You should pay attention to the jadeite jade “crack” and “growth pattern” when buying.Don’t buy jade with a crack, and don’t use strong light in the crack.

See the quality of a material.Because of the skin of original rock seems to be mysterious, so use the flashlight can look inside the original stone texture structure, judge of the original stone.When polishing, should use the tilt (45 °, 70 °), can clearly see the internal structure of original rock.First look at the color of the original stone, the light is through the skin of the rough stone into the interior, so saw jadeite original stone color and the actual product color will have bigger difference, if there is no skin rough stone, so the actual color and light can see color discrepancy will be small.Then watch the halo of size, that is, light to jade, where aperture can expand, aperture of wisdom of the head, the better the farther.Take a flashlight moved slowly on the jade can observe whether jade quality of a material is uniform, transparent and uniform, the homogeneous structure.Also can be used as ink cui, cui under the natural light in black ink is not pervious to light, you can see the bright green under the flashlight.This is special for ink jade, is also a method to identify.

 Attentions when choosing jade torch

1. Concentrated focus light and high brightness.Identification of jadeite jade is the key to see the internal structure of jadeite jade, the light gathered themselves together, and the higher brightness, the effect of the flashlight is better.

2. The volume is smaller.Heavy flashlights for identification of jadeite jade is quite inconvenient, small flashlight is not only easy to use, and convenient to carry.

3. The light color.Common with yellow and white light two kinds, yellow light strong penetrating power, suitable for the skin of the original stone;The white light is suitable for use to see texture and carved jade.Now, there are also two light have a flashlight on the market, you can use the light source according to the demand of choose and buy.

4. The battery.Is generally 5 batteries, jade flashlights are now equipped with a USB cable, easy to charge at any time.

5. Flat.Now there are a lot of top of the flashlight is pointed, it is easy to scratch when as jade jade, so it’s best to choose the flat flashlight