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Introduction to tactical flashlight and the difference between ordinary Flashlight

Introduction to tactical flashlight and the difference between ordinary Flashlight


Tactical flashlight with ordinary flashlight no essential difference between on the principle and structure, but the tactical flashlight to adapt in various harsh environment under the conditions of use requirement, therefore its performance compared with ordinary flashlight in various environmental factors and conditions should be much higher.

Tactical flashlight is mainly composed of military and law enforcement, its role includes:
Because of the tactical flashlight illumination and color temperature is very high, to illuminate the eyes have a strong visual effects.Fight in the dark, will direct light each other’s eyes, for convenient not recognize our exact location;
Tactical flashlight color temperature is very high, high recognition rate of illumination, search effect is good.The shock chamber Security forces personnel shock chamber, can continue to illuminate or a bright light, to control the other party;
Distress signal
Visibility distance of more than 2000 m, plus red filter more than 4000 m;Watch close exposure evidence, maps, tail lights LED light source can be used.In addition, questioned intercepting tactical flashlight irradiation can also be used for distance, vehicle and used with a pistol.
In self-defense, stop crime such as low illumination environment, also is better than no any flashlight, but the following tactics described to explain in detail to use flashlight is a kind of ideal flashlight.Application of tactical flashlight is usually a crisis, so you have to use performance suitable high quality flashlight.
The difference between the tactical flashlight and ordinary flashlight:
More solid
Flashlight all the parts must comply with the characteristic: shell, bulbs, switches, reflective bowl.Drop or damage, the impact can make it or not suitable for law enforcement operations.
Flashlight must be used or carried in the rain, don’t ooze water or moisture.
A torch must be able to clearly illuminate the target and intimidate the other party for the time being.Traditional two number one old bulb flashlight batteries, brightness is very poor.Light must be very even, can’t have a blind spot.We recommend that you use has more than 60 ~ 65 lumens luminous flux of the lamps and lanterns.
Inching switch
ZhiFaRen in fights often need short time to light up the lamps and lanterns, sometimes even 1 second, the action requires only a single hand of any one finger can finish.