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Identify Hetian Jade by Flashlight

Identify Hetian Jade by Flashlight


How to Identify Hetian Jade by Flashlight?

Jewelery appraisal by flashlight to identify methods of glass imitations, now Hetian jade increasingly scarce resources on the market, are increasingly leading to rampant fraud, counterfeit goods and nephrite glass imitations in nature and ultimately, when purchase Hetian jade, required all kinds of jewelery such as flashlights and other identification aids to be carefully distinguished.


Now we have to analyze several characteristics of glass imitation by several features to analyze how to identify the imitation:

Check glass products by eyes, commonly contain air bubbles inside, for the relatively small bubbles resorting jewelery appraisal flashlight and magnifying glass to observe. Meanwhile many of the polished surface of glass products will burst the bubble of small pits,

Glass has brittle nature, often prone to fracture, is characterized by its fracture was conchoidal, but also in the fracture surface of the glass products is a strong glass luster

Due to glass is brittleness, so rarely used to carve, instead of using die fabrication. Carefully observe the appearance of glass products can be found relatively smooth flute line. Sticky cooling shrinkage at high temperatures, there will be a recessed portion on the glass surface.


Hetian Jade Compared to glass products, “thermal stability” poor, it is easily affected by the outside temperature changes occur. Usually glass products in contact with human skin, we will soon feel kind of warm.