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How to Use Self Defense Led Flashlight?

How to Use Self Defense Led Flashlight?


Using the blinding flashlight for self-defense is a two-step process. The self defense led flashlight is used to blind temporarily or disorient a potential attacker which buys you, at least, a few seconds to plan your next move. At this point, you will have several options depending on the circumstances.

Get out of the area
Strike the attacker with the flashlight
Use your weapon if the flashlight is attached

Since the blindness is temporary, you will need to take some form of action which the disorientation has allowed. If you can run away from the attacker may be the best move, particularly in a public place where you can get help fast.

The same goes with a bear. A bear can run from 25 to 40 mph, and you can’t beat this velocity. So, it is better to use a tactical flashlight to disorient the bear for some time and move to a sheltered place.?

However, if you are not able to get away, then striking the attacker is the next best move with the flashlight or the butt of the weapon you are holding.

Firing your weapon should be of last resort. However, if they have their weapon drawn and were intending upon using it, shooting them may be your only course of action.