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How to deal the Getting Hot problem in LED flashlight

How to deal the Getting Hot problem in LED flashlight


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When we use a LED flashlight for some time, we may find the flashlight getting hot. Do you know why? How to deal with such problem?

Why LED flashlight get hot when working
When the LED lamp are lighting, it converts electricity into light energy, while, most of the electricity will be converted into heat energy, only a small part of the conversion into light energy, the process to comply with the law of Conservation of Energy. The flashlight produces heat at work, and the heat comes from the LED’s work.

Aluminum flashlight dissipates heat through the shell, so, if you can quickly feel the heat then it means that the lamp holder and the outer thermal conductivity is very high, the heat is dissipated fast, spread very well. This is a normal heat dissipation phenomenon.

The heat is associated with the core of the LED light flashlight.

The greater the power consumption of the LED light flashlight, the heat dissipated is more. For example: XML T6 core maximum power up to 10W, if the heat cannot easily dissipate, it will make LED quickly aging. Straw hat LED power in about 0.5W, it does not need heat dissipation function.

The higher LED light flashlight core level is, the higher rate the photoelectric conversion efficiency is, the less the loss of heat. This process follows the law of conservation of energy.

Heat is associated with LED flashlight’ drive circuit

LED flashlight drive circuit can be divided into direct drive and constant current drive. The current in direct drive circuit is not controlled, when the battery power is high enough time, the battery will do everything possible to supply LED required, the beginning of the flashlight will be very bright, the temperature suddenly rise, heat generation and heat dissipation cannot be balanced. When the battery is gradually depleted, the brightness and temperature will slowly decrease. This circuit, due to current in the beginningis too high, the LED and battery damage very dramatically, LED light flashlight life is often unable to achieve the design life, the battery life will be shortened due to overloaded working life. This “quick success” of the flow of the drive program only is seen in low-end flashlight. In the early work of flashlight effect will be slightly better, with the advance of time, rapidly weakened.

LED light flashlight constant current circuit drive is the current mainstream drive program. The circuit will control the current supplied to the LED, so that the current is maintained at the same volume, for example: XM-L T6 with 2.0A constant current drive, the brightness is always maintained at 742 lumens. Through the current constant current, flashlight’s heat generation and dissipation are balanced; the battery output current can also be maintained. This is the optimal driver solution. General small volume of flashlight can be balanced for about 15 minutes. LED light flashlight brightness and lighting effects can be maintained consistently.