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how to choose the led flashlight battery types

how to choose the led flashlight battery types


Led flashlights selected by battery type, a suitable power source for every application. When choosing a flashlight, it is not just about light strength and beam range. The choice for a specific type of battery is at least as important. In fact, it can be decisive for choosing a specific type of led flashlight. Different flashlights batteries can have different advantages and disadvantages.

how to choose the led flashlight battery types?Here are some suggestions:

AA-Flashlight batteries

AA-batteries can be purchased anywhere and are relatively small. Also, it can be found in both rechargeable (NiMH) and not rechargeable (Lithium and Alkaline) versions. These versions flashlights batteries each have their specific properties.


AAA-batteries can also be purchased anywhere and are even smaller than the AA-version. This is the reason why AAA-batteries are often used in led flashlight keychain. Also this battery can be found in both reachargable and non-rechargeable versions.


18650-batteries offer a very high capacity and can take a very heavy load.This is the most common battery type for rechargeable flashlights. They are very suitable for intense use. With sporadic use they must periodically be charged, because they can discharge slightly. flashlights that work on 18650-batteries, can often also be used with two CR123a-batteries. Therefore, in case of need, you could even dodge to this different battery type.


The CR123A-batteries are very small and therefore often used in very compact flashlights. These batteries keep their charge for 10 years and are therefore suitable for sporadic use.

There are the most common battery type for led flashlights.Flashlight batteries choice depends on intended use. You need to consider your applications and how you will be using the led flashlight to select the torch light that’s best for your specific needs.