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How to choose and buy a best mini torch light

How to choose and buy a best mini torch light


Although the mobile phone now has its own flashlight function, at night, when the home is out of power or going out, the mobile phone can not always turn on the mini torch light, which is too power-consuming, and is not good for the mobile phone itself. At this time, the mini torch light is useful. It is. So how do you choose and buy a best mini flashlight? mini torch light purchase strategy? To choose a good mini flashlight, first choose from the material and performance of the mini torch light. Finally, the mini flashlight brand is also very important!
Mini EDC Flashlight
With the development of mini led flashlight technology, the small led flashlight has the characteristics of long life, reliable and durable, and extremely low maintenance cost. The constant voltage drive ensures the consistency of the brightness of the LED flashlight, ensuring the reliability, life and light decay of the mini torch light. The use of low-cost, high-reliability drive circuit is the key to ensure long-lasting brightness of the mini flashlight, so we need to pay attention to the following points when choose and buy a best mini led torch light.

Mini Flashlight material

To choose a good mini torch light, you must first look at the mini torch light material. The plastic material of the flashlight barrel is not durable. The stainless steel is strong and durable. However, stainless steel is easily oxidized after long-term use, which causes the problem that the flashlight cannot be used normally. Therefore, we recommend that you choose and buy a mini torch light made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum T6061.

Mini flashlight lens material

mini torch light is best to use high-strength optical glass or polycarbonate material, which not only has good permeability, but also is resistant to shock and wear. Do not choose ordinary glass or plexiglass for the lens material. The ordinary glass is fragile and the plexiglass is not wearable.

Mini flashlight reflector material

First of all, it must be made of metal. Because the metal’s high temperature resistance is better. In addition, in order to ensure the reflective performance is more secure, to observe the smoothness of the reflector, do not buy scratches and spots on the surface of the small led torch light.

Flashlight production process

First of all, the mini flashlight should be regular, meticulous, and work well. There are no solder joints and gaps, which is essential for ensuring the moisture resistance of the mini torch light. Secondly, the body of the mini led flashlight must have anti-slip embossing, and the process should be studied. The third is that there should be a sealing ring at the junction between the lamp cap and the mini torch light body. Of course, this is also considered to be moisture-proof.

Mini torch light source

The most common sources of flashlights are bulbs and LEDs. The mini led flashlight can be selected from the LED light source. The advantage of the LED is that it is small in size, power-saving, long in service life, and does not emit too much heat to produce a “hot” phenomenon.

Mini led flashlight brightness

If you carry a pocket mini torch light, a 1W mini led flashlight is enough.,that using AA batteries or AAA torch light is easy to carry and use. The current at the LED terminals is generally below 300MA, and the power is below 1W.

Mini flashlight price

Because you choose a locket small led flashlight, the price does not have to be too high, you may often use small torch light in everywhere, you can look at TANK007 mini led flashlights.You can choose and buy a best mini torch light form TANK007.