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How to care flashlights ?

How to care flashlights ?


The following Do’s will help you:
DO get out the batteries if it isn’t used for extended periods of time. This insures that it has fresh, working batteries and prevents battery leakage.
DO store your flashlight in a dry, cool location that’s convenient and easy to reach in an emergency or power outage will be perfect.

The following Don’ts will help you:
DON’T press the button under the water even the flashlight waterproof level is high, but take out from water and use tissue to absorb the water totally and then press the on/off button will be safe and good for flashlight.

DON’T store your flashlight in high temperatures. This could accelerate defects in your flashlight, including possible battery leakage.
DON’T leave your flashlight under the seat in your car, or in direct sunlight.
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