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how many types of led flashlights

how many types of led flashlights


kinds of flashlights in the world.familiar flashlight types is rechargeable led flashlight.but TANK007 LED flashlight manufactor have many types of led flashlights.such as led rechargable flashlight,tactical led flashlight,uv flashlight,mini flashlight keychain,outdoor flashlight,zoom torch light,magnetic working light,medical pen torch,and more types.

Here TANK007 tell you how many types of led flashlights:

1.Recahrgeable led flashlight

TANK007 TC19 Rechargeable Flashlight (1)

this type led flashlight,-rechargeable torch light,use lighting.

2.tactical led flashlight

PT10 XM L2U2 Tactical Flashlight Max 500 Lumen flashlight

4.uv flashlight

5.medical pen torch

we have many types of led flashlights,if you want to wholesale flashlights or Inquiry the torch price,we can provide one-to-one service.