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How many lumens do you need

How many lumens do you need


In the flashlight market, we constantly see these huge powerful flashlights, more than 1000 lumens. I think that many of us in the flash can be lost in the absolute number we continue to see. We just continue to ask for more power, we just want to see more lumens. However, more lumens do not necessarily mean better.

In fact, just a few days ago I was looking for my car, I used it to search for it with my Tank007 PT40, and I made myself use the full 1,000 lumens. In such a close place (about 200m far away), 1,000 lumens are too much. So here is an example, why more lumens may not be better.

How many lumens do you need? Then the answer or the question should have a lot of very detailed answers. Honestly, only to a large extent depends on your specific use. So I will enter a few different situations, so that you understand some of the application of the flashlight, where you can decide which situation or which lumen suitable for you.

So I first start from the casual daily life. Personally, I think everything from 100 lumens to 500 lumens is very good. Just as I have just told me to blindly own my story in such a place where the flashlight is more or less used for those situations where you are looking for something in the dark, or when you only need to light something The In general, you do not need a long time or a super powerful flashlight. Now I’m sure people will fly and tell me that I am wrong, it is nice that this is their opinion, but for many casual users, it is perfectly enough to provide a simple key chain flashlight of about 100 or 150 lumens. You will be surprised, even if only 100 lumens are very bright. So if you want a flashlight, you plan to carry with you every day, you will not really use it in any tactical situation, just where it is convenient, then I would say that 100 to 500 lumens are absolutely enough.

If you are looking for a more tactical light, whether it is law enforcement, security or for your own personal self-defense, here is a little more interesting. You might want a flashlight of about 800 lumens to 2000 lumens. I know this is a big range, but each tactical user has his preferences. Personally, I think in this flash mode, at least 800 lumens. You want a powerful and really frustrating mode of stunning. You need a lot of power to achieve this, and for good self-defense. I actually change my mind. I would say 500 to 2000 lumens. You can get a decent flash mode from a 500 lumens flashlight, so if you are looking for a tactical flashlight, I recommend at least 500 lumens.