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A good hunting helper- TANK007 flashlight ultra long range advent

A good hunting helper- TANK007 flashlight ultra long range advent



As a global leader in flashlight applications, TANK007 have full range of products to meet the needs of different users include: identification, police, medical, tactical, riding, outdoor searching. Aiming at the particular hunting environment, TANK007 TR08, as a new generation of outdoor flashlight has upgraded comprehensively in technical,this make hunting enthusiasts love it so much.

TR08 with a 6-speed dimming modes, they are high light, medium light, low light, strobe light, SOS light, brightness up to 1000LM, realized the night becomes the day instantly. Animals also formed deterrent when meet it. Moreover, TR08 distance range up to 500M, ultra-long visual experience, allows you to see farther, to achieve early warning of possible animal attack and disperse, so that make security more secure.

TR08’s different modes allow us to shift according to the surrounding environment so to achieve energy saving. Its maximum running time up to 75 hours in low light, almost three days and three nights.

TANK007 flashlight pursue portable and easy-to-use in the design. TR08 adopt aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material, the application of military premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive technology, making the flashlight more scratch resistant and compression resistant. In addition, TR08 waterproof performance up to IPX-8, even diving use is no problem.

Meanwhile, TR08 adopt constant-brightness technology, so can always keep bright during using but not suddenly darken . With its stainless steel attack head defense design, can also act as a weapon in self-defense in case of emergency,.