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Fluorescent Chromatography Detection – Antigen Reagent Test uv lamp

Fluorescent Chromatography Detection – Antigen Reagent Test uv lamp


As a supplementary means of nucleic acid detection, the antigen test box is suitable for primary medical and health institutions.
Quarantine observation personnel, including persons in home quarantine observation, close contact and sub-close contact,
entry quarantine observation, sealed area and controlled area; Community residents with a need for antigen self-testing.
Among the three antigen detection boxes, the fluorescent chromatography antigen detection box has the best sensitivity
and specificity for qualitative and quantitative antigen reagent testing.

Compared with colloidal gold and latex antigen detection boxes, fluorescent chromatography detection boxes are not as convenient as colloidal gold
and latex detection boxes, the main reason is that fluorescent chromatography requires the use of professional immunofluorescence analyzer.
So, is it possible to combine the convenience of colloidal gold and latex antigen detection kits while retaining the sensitivity
and specificity of fluorescence immunochromatography , such in the case,
just use a portable UV lamp or professional uv reagent to test the flashlight.

The difference of bother Immunofluorescence analyzer and professional uv antigen reagent testing lamp
As we know, fluorescent nanospheres are introduced into the immunochromatographic stripreagent card as a marker.
When the fluorescent markers react with antigens or antibodies, antigen antibody complexes containing fluorescent microspheres can be formed.
The function of the immunofluorescence analyzer is to read the fluorescence signal on the antigen reagent test strip and quantitatively detect the fluorescence intensity.
UV reagent test lamp (UV340) is to use a specific wavelength of ultraviolet (uv) light flashlight, it can be a particular ultraviolet radiation wavelengths can make markers
For fluorescent antigen reagent testing and fluorescent microspheres present in the quality control section of the antigen reagent card or testing area,
only observe antigen reagent card quality control area (C) and testing area (T) have fluorescent strip.