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Flashlights are Helpful when An Accident Happened to Motor and Cars

Flashlights are Helpful when An Accident Happened to Motor and Cars


When the motor car has an accident, flashlights and other tools are available to help themselves to reduce their own hurt. Since the shock of Wenzhou motor car rear-end accident happened, at the same time care of the injured,we also should care about how to deal with to self-help if we encountered such a dangerous accident. How to use emergency equipment on board ?

    Use just a few seconds to change a safer sitting :
1. away from the door or even get on the ground . Firmly grasp objects, to avoid being thrown compartment.
2. bowed your head , chin close to the chest , to prevent neck injury
3. if the seat is not close doors or windows,you can remain intact.if close doors and windows you should be as soon as possible leave.
4. When the train derailed forward , do not try jump
5.the train stopped, you should observe the surroundings,waiting for the arrival of rescue personnel do not wander around the train.
6. When you encountere a power outage at runtime,passengers should not leave the vehicle into the tunnel grilled door , even after all the power.The train should maintain the 45 minutes to 1 hour on the train emergency ventilation.
7 You can learn from the practice of aviation when the train suddenly collide , upper body leaning forward as far as possible , the chest close to the knees , head resting on the front seat back, his hands placed on his head , hands overlap, forearm posted on the cheek such posture during the collision can make yourself as much as possible to reduce the damage .

Carry a  phone with flashlight funcation
Carry a flashlight or other emergency equipment. After the accident, the car was dark, slightly injured passenger self-help organization , we ordered retreat , and even passengers shouted calm , do not move , fearing casually walking out will result in car to bridge. After the accident, people will inevitably slow, even mind blank . At this point , we must strive to make yourself calm , you can pat his face, Qiaqia thigh , let yourself awake. By doing cool choices , you can save a lot of people .
If you did not have flashlights , then you can use the phone , and now carring mobile phones is an essential thing.With a flashlight function,mobile phone can quickly turn on a flashlight to illuminate the surroundings.

Use of car aisle to escape
You should trapp in the car as soon as possible by using two channels in an orderly manner to escape the fire scene . Each car has a walkway with length of about 20 meters and a width of 80 cm and two cars have manual access to the adjacent compartment door or automatic doors.If a train accident caused by a fire ,these channels are used to trapp the main means of escape . If you accidentally interlocking fingers crossed,you should be torn down and cover your brain and neck ; elbows forward , cover both sides of the temple . Accidentally fell to the ground , knees flexion as possible , cover your vital organs of the chest and abdominal cavity , lie down on the ground . In the crowd , the left fist , right hand holding his left wrist , elbows stretched flat chest , to guarantee a certain breathing space

Self-help seizing fixture against thrown
By crashing accidents ,human instinct to seize all of the surrounding objects can be fixed so can prevent rejection outside and avoid physical collision . This is related to the role of seat belts in car, which avoid moving after the collision injuries. In short , we must avoid a significant move .

Knock the crack windows to four corner
EMU is a double glass windows made of PVC film sandwiched in the middle also.Without some skills it’s hard broken . Some travelers will often tap the middle of the glass ,wich is the most solid place.We should use safety glass hammer blow sharp corners , the glass will crack, and then continue safety hammer hitting four obtuse angle glass will appear larger cracks, then kick their feet violently broken the glass .
If there is no safe hammer , you can use the tactical flashlight lotus attack.Girls head heels fine percussion , keys and belt buckles are ok, but is not very good force. There is no such instruments can be carried two suitcases , violently hit the four corners of the glass .
Not every move the car can be broken piece of glass , safety glass hammer to hit next . Under normal circumstances, the car moving train car safety hammer located one a place , so each one, a total of four , that is to say , the best four train cars smashed head and the end of the glass .

Site emergency clothes , newspapers , pens can become first-aid products
After the accident , it is inevitable injuries, such as bleeding , fractures . In a few minutes before and ten minutes after the onset of the disease, is the most important moment of rescue critically wounded , called “Help WITH golden moment ” medicine .
After the unexpected , first determine whether the patient’s consciousness awake, you can shout : “Hey , how do you do that?” pat the cheek or shoulder patients  if it is conscious.Generally there is a heartbeat and breathing , the problem is not large . Then immediately call 120 or call for help .

Bleeding : usING cloth bandage dress

In the case of an accident injured limb arterial bleeding is not easy , there are circumstances under tourniquet available scarves , towels , shoelaces , clothing cloth to stop bleeding.
When the upper extremity bleeding, strips of cloth should be tied on 1/3 arm , leg bleeding should be tied to the thigh , the lower 1/3 of the junction. Bleeding in the upper limb , for example , you can use a cloth around the upper arm of 1/3 , and so wound laps , a pen or wooden sticks twisted tight , let the arm can not feel the pulse ; then use another bar or shoelaces tied muslin tight. In principle , once an hour to relax , relaxation time of 1-2 minutes , so that the muscles due to chronic ischemia and necrosis.

No breathing : press 30 times, blowing two times
If it is found not breathing patient , should help open the airway , then pinch the nose of the patient and cover your mouth with a patient ‘s mouth were blowing , blowing you see the patient’s chest uplift , blowing time of one second or more, if still no breathing , chest compressions should . First to identify the location of the heart , glide along the side of the sick and wounded on both sides of the costal arch costal arch up to the junction of the two fingers upward position is the heart , and then at a speed of 100 beats / min pressure 30 times, blowing gas 2 , do five cycles , you can look at the sick and wounded of breathing and pulse . If the heart beat sound automatically send resume , dilated pupil from the original automatic shrink back to normal , indicating that people were saved by .

Fractures : using newspaper , magazine to fix

Fall fracture is likely to occur , such as fractures, cervical spine fracture , lumbar fractures. The incidence of fractures of the wounded , should be fixed , after the move . The first two available newspapers , magazines , small wood fixed , door or the like which need a hard wood stretcher .
After limb fractures can curl magazines or books wrapped in the fracture , and then strips of cloth or towel tied good . Magazines or books to more than elbow length .
If cervical spine fracture could take newspapers or thick towel , folded into a 15 cm wide, the pad under the chin , around the neck a week , with a cloth tied good .
If the fracture, the patient should be moved on a hard stretcher.