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Flashlight for hiking

Flashlight for hiking


Many flashlight lovers bring up some requirements of hiking flashlight on flashlight BBS: stable, small, nice floodlight when walking etc

Flashlight body: Can use 18650 battery body (high power, high beam, battery life is about 3 hours), or AA battery body with higher power (battery can be bought everywhere, portable, battery life is about 1 hour)
Brightness: Flashlight doesn’t need to have high brightness for walking on the flat avenue, a AA battery body with power over 1w is enough, use larger power if using rechargeable 14500 battery.
The light color of led: White led is enough for dry road, warm white or natural white led is better for mountain or wet road to increase the color rendering. Higher power is better because safe is the most important.
Battery life: 18650 battery, 3W, 750MA with 3 hours’ battery life is enough if needs high brightness; rechargeable 14500 battery, discharge current is around 2A, battery life is about 1 hour; high quality AA battery with 2200 MAH, discharge current is around 1A, battery life is about 2 hours, it’s not that economic to discharge the current with 2A, usually light in the high mode for over half an hour; it’s not economic to discharge the current with 1A for garbage AA battery either, it’s better to discharge the current with 500MA, battery life would be about 2 hours.
Circuit: 7135 constant current circuit is better for 18650 battery body, booster circuit is not recommended since the 7135 constant current circuit is the most stable circuit with high efficiency, its disadvantage is when the voltage reaches to some certain low extent, the light will be darker and darker when using, but this won’t matter when walking. AA battery body can only use booster circuit, it’s better to use high quality and high efficiency so as to save the electric quantity to extend the battery life.
Mode: High, middle and strobe are practical, strobe is usually used to remind people or cross the road.
Light cup: Orange peel cup is recommended if needs good floodlight, shallow orange peel cup is better because it’s not that relatively concentrating, and the light could shine out directly without reflected by the reflective bowl, which is brighter because orange peel reflective bowl’s efficiency is low, some could only reach to 70%. I wouldn’t suggest orange peel cup if the flashlight power is small, smooth cup flashlight with higher reflective rate is better, that is shallow smooth cup.
Appearance treatment: According to personal preference.
Waterproof performance: Can prevent the rain is OK.
Price: According to one’s economic strength, low-end or middle-end is enough.