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The flashlight era we had experienced

The flashlight era we had experienced


My childhood was in a mountain thirty years ago, many people walk in the midnight with torch or Kerosene lamp, they have to walk without seeing anything if it rains heavy and windy. Therefore, flashlight is very precious for peasants. Many people make a mark on it or hang a pocket in the tail with embroidered cherry to avoid the mixture. It’s a sign of wealth and fashion for people who can use the flashlight those days like a peasant use telephone today.

Flashlight is also one of the instruments for cadre at that time. Take a canvas bag with a pot of water and flashlight in when go countryside, they won’t miss the way or tumble after the meeting. It’s also necessary to go to the toilet living in the country. The first thing I did was to buy an old flashlight after getting my first salary, take it to the country in the dark, fight the fire, rescue, it was really useful. Lots of people have their own favorite flashlights to light up their way like me.

The Third Plenary Session shined the China like flashlight. My hometown had electricity, flashlight was not that precious, but we still can’t leave flashlight. There are more and more kinds of flashlights now, like rechargeable flashlights and led flashlights, and each family has more than one flashlights. Flashlights are replaced by rechargeable flashlights and led flashlights, it’s very convenient and durable for the rechargeable flashlight.