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Five Basic Categories of Torch Flashlight —-tank007

Five Basic Categories of Torch Flashlight —-tank007


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From helping you find your way back to your campsite, to allowing you to find a missing widget under the bed, to providing illumination when the lights go out, to warding off a would-be attacker, there are few tools as handy and essential as the flashlight. And there are few tools that elicit as much affection and attachment. I think our Chinese friends’ word for the flashlight – torch – gets right to the heart of the appeal. The torch flashlight is simply the latest iteration of the ancient need to carry fire in one’s hand.

As we’ve moved from burning branches to battery-powered tubes, the number of options for hand-held light has multiplied. You may think that all flashlights are the same, but boy you’d be wrong. There’s more to know than you could possibly imagine. Today, we’ll stick to the basics that every man should know and consider when buying a flashlight. 

Five Basic Categories of torch flashlight

keychain flashlight or EDC flashlight:Typically 3” or less in length, these flashlights are an essential part of one’s EDC (Everyday Carry) kit. Their small size allows you to stick them in your pocket, stash them in various bags, or — and this is the easiest, most foolproof option — attach to a keychain. With their low light, they are intended to be used as a backup or emergency flashlight, not your primary one. That will run on a single AA or AAA battery.

Tactical torch flashlight“A tactical flashlight is simply a flashlight that’s been designed for tactical (i.e. military or police) use. Many tactical flashlights are designed to be mounted to a weapon for low-light shooting. They’re typically smaller than traditional flashlights, emit much more light, and are made of weapon-grade aluminum for maximum durability. While tactical flashlights are designed primarily for military and police units, they’re also a really handy everyday and personal defense tool for the average civilian.”

Heavy-Duty torch flashlight or Industrial torch flashlight: These are the heavy, generally aluminum flashlights that you have in your house or garage, or on a worksite for extended use. Because of their hefty weight, some people carry them as a personal defense weapon as well. Think classic Maglite for this category. They give a lot of power but retain their handy size at generally between 5-14” long. They’re usually too big for a pocket, but still easily hand-held.

Emergency torch flashlight: These are small body usually mainly in emergency kits.

Rechargeable torch flashlight: Charger directly LED flashlight, usually made of aluminum. Rechargeable flashlight are very popular, because it’s very helpful to work, camping or other active.

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