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Features of LED flashlight

Features of LED flashlight


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1, Impact resistance

LED flashlight is more rugged,generally 1 meter impact resistance tested is a  low required, and 1.5 meters is very common. Durable aircraft-grade aluminum guarantee  it will  not  be damaged. Outside of the flashlight is a layer of resin. Traditional incandescent lamp use glass therefore its impact resistance capacity is not so good.

2, Soft light

The light of led flashlight is soft,thus play an important role in protection of eyes. Traditional incandescent lights use alternating current, in the normal circumstances, it will produce flashing 100 to 200 times per second . The led flashlight converts AC to DC, then it will not produce the flashing which make the eyes feel tired and dizzy.

3,Thermal dissipation performance

led flashlight’s optical energy rates are relatively high.The traditional incandescent flashlight, not only product low brightness, but also emit a lot of heat.LED flashlight can convert most of the electrical energy into light energy,saving lots of energy resources.

4, Environment Friendly

Led flashlight do not contain mercury, while the traditional incandescent lamp can volatile a large amount of mercury vapor when it is broken. It is very important to make a security assurance when it’s hold by children.

5, Self-defense

With solid material and a design of attack head,it can be used as self-defense tool in emergency, the strobe light make criminals temporarily blind that will win you a few seconds to escape. Meanwhile it can easily break glass when you’re Trapped in the car.


6, Waterproof

IPX4 water-resistant is essential,with this performance you can continue to use in the rain,and don’t worry about the flashlight. The waterproof function up to IPX-6 or IPX-8 is very important when you have to rushed to the campsite on a rainy night.