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My favorite cool flashlight –TANK007 TR01 flash lite

My favorite cool flashlight –TANK007 TR01 flash lite


My favorite cool flashlight --TANK007 TR01 flash lite (2)My favorite cool flashlight --TANK007 TR01 flash lite
my favorite cool flashlight TR01 with one 18650 battery emit 420 lumens brightness,it is enough to cope with all various harsh situations. In my experience, precisely because of this unique switch, won the favorite of many users. You know a nice appearance always add itself much extra points.The magnetic head rotary switch design is not only nice but also convenient to operate. Secondly this design is rarely seen in the market. So an innovative design is vital for the flash lite.

At the low mode TR01 burning for 40 hours. So you can continue lighting for almost two day,it is really a long time.TR01 have a beam distance up to 200 meters. Plus the best waterproof level for IPX-8. Even ignore the nice looking appearance ,i think would still there are many consumers love this cute flash lite.

According to internal information,TANK007 will release an upgraded version of TR01 in a short time. The newTR01 will continue with UI design which TANK007 has surely confirmed from the users and distributors that TR01 is nice,it should be an ultimate series. The LED will be replaced by the latest of CREE, brightness and battery life also the importantcircuit board there will be a a lot of improvement.

Furthermore,in the brand promotion,TANK007 will further improve the details of the product. We hope that after the new TR01 comes out later, more consumers can have a good flash lite.My favorite cool flashlight --TANK007 TR01 flash lite (3)