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Everything You Should Know About The Police Flashlight

Everything You Should Know About The Police Flashlight


A police flashlight is an essential tool for law enforcement officers. It is designed to be lightweight and durable, providing them with a reliable source of light in dark and dangerous situations. Police flashlights are typically made of strong materials like aluminum or steel and feature high-intensity bulbs that can cut through darkness. They also come with features like strobe lights and adjustable focus to help officers identify suspects in the night. With its robust construction, police flashlight is a staple of law enforcement equipment, giving them the advantage of superior visibility when they need it most.

Police Flashlight Specific Parameters:

Bulb: American CREE 3W high-power LED bulb

Beam brightness: 110~130 lumens

Material: aerospace grade reinforced aluminum 6061-T6

Surface treatment: precision CNC processing, thickened anodizing, matt black

Lighting time: continuous high brightness lighting for more than 5 hours

Overall dimension: 140mm long × Handle 26mm (lamp cap diameter: 34mm)

Weight: 120g (without battery)

Police Flashlight Usage Method:

Battery installation: Unscrew the tail cover, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery, put the battery in, and screw on the tail cover

Open: When the flashlight is in the off state, press the middle rubber cap and hear the “click” sound, which means the flashlight is on. Repeat the above steps to close

Spotting: When in use, press the switch light to turn on the weak light. To switch the light, just click the switch to achieve tactical spotting. The functions are in order: weak light, strong light, and burst flash. Press the switch light to turn off

Police Flashlight Charging Mode:

① Unscrew the flashlight tail cover and take out the battery

② Put the battery into the special charging box (note: the positive and negative poles of the battery must be aligned with the positive and negative poles of the battery box when placing the battery, otherwise it will not be charged)

③ Take out the charger, insert two pins into the power interface, and insert the socket end into the battery box socket. When charging, the light on the charger is red. When the indicator light changes from red to green, it means that the charging is complete. At this time, the battery can be taken out for use.

(Note: the battery charging time is about 8 hours)

Police Flashlight Matters Needing Attention:

1. Do not shoot light directly into the eyes, as strong light will cause permanent damage to the eyes.

2. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the lamp cap to avoid damage to the reflector or bulb.

3. When the bulb cannot maintain high brightness, please replace the battery when lighting to avoid damage to the battery due to over-discharge.

Police Flashlight Precautions for Maintenance:

1. Please wipe the flashlight with a clean soft cloth after each use.

2. When the flashlight is contaminated with seawater or corrosive liquid, please wash it with clean water in time and dry it with a hair dryer.

3. When the lamp cap and tail cover are not screwed smoothly, apply a little silicone grease at the interface.

4. When the flashlight is not in use, please take out the battery and store it in a cool place.

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