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The driver knowledge of Led flashlight

The driver knowledge of Led flashlight


In view of the limited knowledge of the consumer LED, a collection of questions to be asked to make the following answer, I hope to help you better use LED to make their own things.
1, LED drive current, voltage is how much? I bought the 50W is how much current, voltage use?
1W LED drive current is 350mA, the voltage varies according to the color is not the same, generally white, blue, green are 3.0-3.6V ranging, and the yellow light, red light voltage is 1.8-2.4V;
Using the current 50W will use the current and voltage according to different chip arrangement, the same calculation method of a combination of their own calculation method with you to get the 1W light, such as a combination of the conventional 50 1W LED 5 series and 10 series is 5, using the current 350mA/ 15-18V, then 10 and use current is 3500mA /15-18V, of course, different combinations have different conditions of use.
2, LED needs constant current use?
According to the current LED in constant use will change the characteristics of the industry, LED FLASHLIGHT needs constant current regulation, because the LED in different temperature when the voltage is not stable, such as LED at 25 degrees when the voltage is 3.4V, when the temperature rose to 80 degrees when the voltage will be reduced to 3.3V, and the power input power the rate constant, voltage drop, current will rise, the current rising temperature, LED also increased, so the LED will be faster and old, each LED voltage at the same current test are not the same, so it is very

difficult to make a constant voltage power supply standard.
Note: a way to use the constant pressure to reduce the voltage, suggest ways to use such as 3.2V, LED, 3V voltage used to use the power of the 12V four series more than 3.2V LED, but it has a disadvantage that the brightness of the LED logo brightness is not up to the factory, will be smaller a little, because the current does not reach the rated value.