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“Double egg” festival let the fluorescent out of your life

“Double egg” festival let the fluorescent out of your life


“Double egg” festival let the fluorescent out of your life.agents, intimate exploration 365nm violet flashlight.Christmas and New Year’s Day is coming, let us use love to drive those products should not be there and people in close contact with poison!

Fluorescent whitening agent is a fluorescent dye, or called white dye, widely used in industrial production. If it comes in contact with the body or enter the body through ingestion, deposited in the human epidermis, or infiltrated blood, will cause decreased immunity, even blood, kidney and other organ damage, it is a high-risk industrial chemicals Tim agent. State laws forbid using household items. But there are still some unscrupulous businessmen, driven by profit, and unconscionable use in cosmetics, cleaning supplies, school supplies in,and so on.

No beauties hope her face become “good” and immediately turned white by the action of the fluorescent agent,  but they will face a fever or an intravenous drip of disaster, serious near hospital treatment (Why many beauty develop the same body like Lin , it is likely the role of illegal skin care products);

No hard-working mother want to find their excessive use of inexpensive products containing fluorescent agent poisoning, finally willing to be skin diseases, blood diseases, kidney disease, liver torture.

No mother want their childrenswas hurt covered disease because of excessive exposure to phosphor-containing school supplies, fluorescent agent .

Particularly lively children, they would have loved to put a hundred percent passion toys, but the toys, children’s clothing, baby supplies, it has a fluorescent agent may contain dangerous carcinogens not only claimed the child’s life, also blocked the mothers stay alive!
Instead of spending a lot of time to research which products are the genuine non-fluorescent agent, buying a 365nm UV flashlight will be quickly tell whether it contains direct fluorescent agent.
Tank007 UV 365nm flashlight can not only discriminate whether the high risk of containing fluorescent agent, but also to identify genuine and fake coins, jade, antiques, stamps features.

It is also very simple to use:the fluorescent agent products radioactive irradiation below the Tank007 365nm UV flashlight exploration off, the product does not contain fluorescent agents show yellow light; the other products in the exploration off the violet 365nm illumination flashlight, or professionals to display see the signal, such as precious stones and other gems; or display symbolic information naked eye can not see, such as coins, security codes.

For your greatest asset – health, we appeal you to get Tank007 UV flashlight for your friends and family.