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The different emergency flashlight

The different emergency flashlight


Natural disasters occurred all around the world in recent years, the earth seems to transfer to vibration mode. People focus again on how to improve the daily disaster prevention consciousness. The earthquake happens frequently in Japan, almost every family installed emergency package with flashlights, whistle and compressed biscuits. In fact, the flashlight is a necessary tool for warning and emergency survival not only for daily life but also for field trip.

set free your hand

Tank007 Flashlight, shine with the big eyes, tail with 7 feet (about 18cm) was made of the silicone, soft and resilient, easy to frizzle. If riding a bike on a path with no street light in the evening, TANK007 could fully exert its advantage, which could wrap around the head of the bike, warn the thief and light the way home.


Accident (crowded stampede and separated with family) is likely to happen when shopping malls, cinemas and other crowded places occur emergency evacuation and power outages. Designers of Tank007 wish people could evacuate efficiently and safely by this emergency flashlight. When lost in the dark or meeting with danger, two adults can be equipped with two flashlights, one could show the way in the head and the other protect in the back of the line, the old man and children could get through the danger zone orderly by grabbing the fluorescence line, avoiding the disorder or being falling behind.

Light others and ourselves

This heart shine in two modes: light others and light ourselves. There is LED in the Tank007 magnetic flashlight, with lifespan over 100000 hours, which can show yellow and white light. Turn  the diffuser on, the road could be shown clearly, turn it off, the flashlight would become a perfect lantern. Design of the tail is not only special but also practical, this small magnetic flashlight can be hung on the waist and branch of a tree, can be fixed on the glass through cupula by it. Waterproof and unbreak.