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Diamond and Moissanite can be distinguished by jade Expert Flashlight

Diamond and Moissanite can be distinguished by jade Expert Flashlight


Manufacturer recommended that Diamond and Moissanite can be distinguished by jade flashlight. At first glance moissanite and diamond are somewhat similar, but the price gap is very large, then how to distinguish moissanite and diamonds?

Moissanite and Diamond distinction:

Hardness: First, to distinguish from the Mohs hardness, Moissanite hardness is 9.25, while the diamond hardness is 10, apparent Moissanite hardness is lower than the diamonds hardness, so if use Moissanite to engrave on diamond surface, not difficult to find the diamond surface is still safe and sound, very smooth; while the surface Moissanite will leave visible scratches.

Gravity: The proportion between Diamond and Moissanite is different, the proportion of Diamond is higher than Moissanite, it is also often used in the middle of the proportion of liquid methyl iodide 3.32 to distinguish between the two, put the absence inlaid diamonds and Moissanite material into the solution, you can see the diamond will sink, while Moissanite will produce floating phenomenon.

Polishing lines: polished Moissanite, polishing lines are parallel to each other, diamond is different. meanwhile in the polishing process, diamond need to constantly adjust polishing direction, while Moissanite can polishing to the same direction, Jade flashlight illuminated with photos will be very clear to see.

Inclusions: Diamonds and Moissanite contained different inclusions were an important basis for distinguishing between the two. Moissanite normally contained needle-like inclusions and arranged in parallel.