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Design detail decides flashlight’s success or failure

Design detail decides flashlight’s success or failure


flashlight design detail decides success or failure. When outdoor sports  is popular all over the world, related outdoor equipments show crowds of fans.As is known to all,outdoor diving risk ranks second in the world,only next to skydiving.Therefore any equipment for underwater cannot be careless.As  diving underwater flashlight seems simple, however the sparrow is small and all-sided.Domestic outdoor lighting leader Tank007 diving flashlight will tell you the details how to judge a diving flashlight products quality.
Underwater world crisis, lighting must have high stability, otherwise may directly threaten diver’s life.The most reliable international outdoor LED lighting light source comes from the United States CREE brand, has the largest lighting brightness and solid line structure, was the D60 always adhere to the core parts of the diving flashlight series.


2.The tube body material and the oxidation treatment

The D60 in high-end diving flashlight adopts aviation aluminum precision machining, plus surface military level 3 hard anodic oxidation treatment, in all sorts of underwater environment are extremely resistant to corrosion.

3.Flashlight lens

Low end of the diving flashlight usually use resin or plastic lenses, high end diving flashlight are currently USES toughened glass lenses.And the D60 diving flashlight to use imported ultra thick 4 mm toughened glass lenses, not only good light transmittance, high compressive strength, and very wear-resisting scratch-resistant flowers.

4.Waterproof ring

Water proofing property is indispensable skill for diving flashlight.Minimum waterproof is 30 meters, waterproof flashlight depth of 100 meters above the D60 brand, really do the “drop tight”.


Switch is diving flashlight embody the ability of science and technology is an important indicator, switch to connect is the most easy leaking diving flashlight part.The D60 diving flashlight highly waterproof push-pull type magnetic control switch, while convenient for underwater operation completely eliminates leakage hidden trouble.

6.Cross-flow regulator

Peaple who used flashlight has experience, general flashlight will be lower and lower as the consumption of battery voltage, light flashing, brightness is not stable, illumination variation.Magic weapon of the D60 diving flashlight to circumvent this problem is to use the independent research and development of cross-flow drive voltage, fully guarantee the diving flashlight brightness constant, at present there is little the brightness of the flashlight can meet the requirements of voltage stability cross flow.

7.High quality battery

Diving can’t replace the battery in the process, so the battery life is a tough.The D60 diving flashlight fully sealed the built-in, built-in battery charger and the protection function, has the overcharge, discharge, overheated, over-current protection, low power consumption circuit design, so as to protect battery life;Battery, automatically switch to low power consumption is low, when cut into the low-grade tip blink twice, in the use of low time is approximately 30 minutes, ensuring the safety of divers can rise to the surface.

8.The conductive spring

For example the d60 models of diving flashlight in the average person even notice on the conductive spring of serious, use level of luxury gold-plated processing, conductive performance is better, ensure that the service life of the flashlight in 3 to 5 years.

9.Overheating protection

Lighting for a long time will cause the battery heat, the impact of using, therefore the D60 diving flashlight specially designed to prevent the function of the shell temperature, prolong the service life of the flashlight.

10.everse polarity protection

The D60 diving flashlight in the aspect of extending the service life of the flashlight have humanized design.For example using the reverse polarity protection, prevent damage due to user carelessness is the cathode of the battery mistaken flashlight.