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The most creative best selling LED flashlight TANK007 TR08

The most creative best selling LED flashlight TANK007 TR08


A good performance of the flashlight can not only increase deterrence of enforcement by the police and authority of law, but also makes the public force a better exercise. This can be seen from the TK007 TR08. With the last Cree XM L2U2 led TR08 achieve 1000 lumen of brightness. Specially designed for 6 models ,high, mid, low, Eco, strobe, SOS,it is used in night duty, outdoor searching and have a performance indeed.

pioneered the use of revolving magnetic dimmer switch,in the flashlight industry, TK007 greatly saves the complicated process of tail switch or the button switch on the body and seems clear at a glance. In addition, it has a hammers design of the head ,the head is large and heavy, the tail end of the flashlight with simple tube design, make it grip powerful, and a veritable self-defense flashlight even in the face of crisis but not to lose the flashlight.

Aiming at the defects of short endurance of the battery in flashlight market, TK007 engineers make TR08 equipped with two TKANK007 independent research 18650 batteries that come to 75 hours of lighting time in the Eco mode.

In the field of adventure, camping, riding and other outdoor activities, IPX-8 waterproof  remove your worries. This is the king of hunting flashlight, up to 500 meters lighting range, makes the prey clearly. According to the sales performance TR08 in the United States, Britain, Mexico’s market , creative design of course is the most important reason for best selling.111图片1