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Competition pressures growing in LED flashlight industry

Competition pressures growing in LED flashlight industry


LED flashlight industry Competition pressures growing.

After visited the Shenzhen major lighting stores and hardware stores, although I can found flashlight produced by big brand, but not mainstream, instead “jiuliang” “Jager” and other brands occupy the market. In fact, those well-known lighting companies also produce LED flashlight, but compared to other products, they spend little energy on flashlight.LED flashlight is not high-tech product, big enterprises are generally taken to OEM ways.
Because technical threshold of LED flashlight is not high, so many companies can step into the industry. The big brands itself occupies technological advantages, they totally did not need to compete with flashlight enterprises.
According to the survey found, the current LED flashlight excellent enterprises are TANK007, Surefire, Tiger Head,jiuliang etc. These companies are specialized in flashlight, they doesn’t have other cover in the field of LED lighting . while other famous enterprises like Philips, Osram, NVC, although they have their own achievements in the LED lighting industry, but rarely get involved in the field of LED flashlight.
With the development of technology, LED flashlight industry’s rise, many companies joined the industry, industry competition become more and more fierce,also promote the rapid development of the whole industry.