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Choose Flashlight According to Different Outdoor Activities

Choose Flashlight According to Different Outdoor Activities


Outdoor sports classes, we can choose flashlight characteristics are not the same, generally can be the following:

1. walking on foot: do not need the brightness is too high, because of the long time, as far as possible to choose light flashlight, also have longer life time. In general, the need to take into account the spotlight with light moderate. But the team still need a flashlight higher brightness, and have a certain range, more convenient in exploring terrain.


2.Camping: Pan light must be better, the brightness demand is low, but the need to choose the long life time of the flashlight, best can continuous lighting night, the torch has advantages in convenience and cost. The new development of flashlight, camping lamp installed in the lamp can be used as before, camping lamps, performance is also very good.

3.night ride: because the speed, so we need good brightness, but also has higher requirements on the endurance time, preferably 4 hours of continuous illumination. Floodlight for night riding is very important, the part is not too convergence. Night ride flashlight is less sensitive to the weight, so as to achieve the performance requirements, can choose the appropriate large flashlight, pay attention to whether it conducive to the operation and whether to hold, to be firmly installed on the bicycle. Special remind: Night Ride flashlight, must choose not to jump gear flashlight, flashlight or would rather choose single file not dimming. In the rough, flashlight to jump file, will bring serious consequences unpredictable!

4.hunting: brightness must be far enough high lighting distance, endurance can be relatively short, at the same time, with the best anti shock characteristics of light, so as not to be part of a recoil of gun impact damage. This kind of flashlight light should not be too wide, the moderate. Recommended to choose the yellow light flashlight, better hunting.

5.the search: on the brightness of the demand is almost as light as possible, the range is also important, weight and volume but on the second thought, can choose the bright and big torch.


6.diving: diving flashlight stressed the absolute waterproof and reliability requirements are very high, brightness, illumination time is good enough (a relationship with your type of diving). The volume and weight not harsh, hand-held lamp appropriate higher for holding, the flexibility to use. The switch must be able to resist hydraulic pressure (usually button switch not against the water, diving flashlight with magnetic switches, rotary or toggle switch control). In addition, the best hand rope to prevent sell with locking function to prevent accidental loss.


7.deep: the corresponding caving environment more sinister, and the rock with low reflectivity, and therefore must be of high brightness! Inside there is water, generally require a flashlight with waterproof properties is good, at the same time carry dangerous situation may request the flashlight to durable, can withstand the stone hit and the drop without damaging the.


8.the EDC:EDC Every Day Carry abbreviation, meaning is a portable flashlight. This kind of flashlight for miniature spare flashlights, must be small and light, with portability, readily available, easy on the pocket or backpack to carry. In the event of some emergency, often it is this kind of carry can save your life around flashlight. EDC flashlight because the power size limitations, the general brightness will be lower, some with gear regulating flashlight, life will be very long, function is not too much. As Ms. portability, flashing function is essential, in case of emergency for irradiating the eyes have Vertigo effect, helps to get more reaction time.


A good flashlight can not only make outdoor activities more exciting, it is necessary to protect the safety of the outdoor. Above is the choice of outdoor flashlight skills, and they hope to help everyone to buy, what questions, you can contact me, and we hope more exchanges. This is very good. Be prepared to!