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Characteristics and main uses of tactical flashlight

Characteristics and main uses of tactical flashlight


There are no essential difference on the principle and structure between tactical flashlight andordinary flashlight.However tactical flashlight is designed to adapt to special requirements like harsh environment and conditions. So,its performance, such as sealing performance, corrosion resistance, durability, illumination, color temperature,is more higher than the ordinary flashlight.

However,tactical flashlight is not only used in military and law enforcement,but also can be used in common work. The choice of tactical flashlight, generally requires more than 60 lumens brightness, lighting power more than 6W.

TANK007 Tactical flashlight’s facula must be regular circular type, it must be very uniform,no dark and no bright spots.The transition zone between spot center and the around floodlight need to be relatively smooth ,gradually reduce the brightness, and center light’s beam is conical, with a divergence angle generally at about 15 degree which is depending on the different uses. Tactical flashlight’s reflector are generally designed wrinkled surface which like orange peel, to ensure the spot with the above characteristics.Tactical flashlight’s light-focusing device and the lamp glass must also has high performance of thermal endurance, because the lighting LED will be generate a huge amount of heat.

TC01 tank007 tactical flashlight

Military uses

As for the military, engaging the enemy also requires extensive flashlight use. They can’t always turn on their night vision equipment when crawling through enemy terrain. There are times when they should mount their flashlights on their weapons to enable them to intimidate and see enemies with their glaring torches before engaging them. They also have to traverse encampments, jungles, and caves with these torches on hand.

TANK007 tactical flashlight2

Law Enforcement

Whether you’re a security guard, a mall cop, or a police, tactical flashlight is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. You won’t be allowed to make use of your gun willy-nilly at the mall or as a security guard and coppers require flashlights to be able to see at night since they’re usually not equipped with standard-issue night vision equipment.

Outdoor Activity Enthusiast

Whatever you are going for fishing, hunting, camping or trekking,take a tactical flashlight with you, you can avoid the inconvenience when you have to spend a night in the wild.In particular, if you’re a hunter, you can even mount your torch onto your rifle to make it easier to spot and shoot your game (unless you’d rather go stealth mode with night vision technology). Pair a tactical flashlight with a good pocket knife, and it will keep your safe.In addition,it can be a SOS signal,its visibility is more than 2000m, with a red filter then over 4000m.Also,tactical flashlight can  be used for long-distance irradiation, check the vehicle inventory.It is really a good assistant when you are working on some unpredictable  things.

Ordinary Work

Many workers depend on durable flashlights that last long and won’t stop functioning when dropped for a living, from the truck driver who has to look through his truck at night for maintenance reasons to farmers who have to check on their livestock for weasels and thieves. Firefighters definitely should have flashlights handy during emergency rescue operations.

TANK007 tactical flashlight