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222nm human harmless series

222nm human harmless series


Shenzhen guangzhong road launched 222nm harmless series of sterilization and disinfection products
Recently, Shenzhen Guangzhongdao Electronics Co., LTD has launched the human harmless bactericidal door and ceiling down lamp based onoriginal 222nm technology.
Both of these products can achieve the elimination of the Novel Coronavirus in human environment.
It is the first company in the world to develop and actually use 222nm ultraviolet light. Back in 2007, Kobe University in Japan proved
that 222nm ultraviolet light is harmless to organisms through mouse experiments. In 2017, further proved that 222nm ultraviolet light is also harmless
to humans through clinical trials.
The 222nm module is equipped with a patented narrow-wave safety filter, which blocks other wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation harmful to human body,
and only allows long-term ultraviolet radiation of 222nm wave, which is harmless to human body. Its spectral performance is better than other 222nm products,
but also the traditional 254nm mercury lamp cannot do.

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