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Basic knowledge of flashlight batteries

Basic knowledge of flashlight batteries


Basic knowledge of flashlight batteries
Flashlight battery 1AA (1 battery 5), 2AA (2 battery 5), 3AA (3 5 batteries), 5 batteries and alkaline batteries is usually said can not charge the dry battery (1.5V) and rechargeable NiMH batteries (1.2V); there is the lithium battery voltage, 2.45-4.20V, 14500, 16340, 18650 models and so on, these figures some faint many friends, said what ah, is actually very simple, specific model numbers are 14500 reasons, such as the cell diameter is 14 mm, the length is 50 mm; 16340 cell diameter is 16 mm, the length is 34 mm, and so on, the battery 18650 is diameter 18 mm, length 65 mm.
The lithium cell zone protection circuit (to prevent overcharge and overdischarge circuit) and without, we should all know the lithium battery is not a charge off, if the battery is full of electricity charge still charger not out but also for a long time to charge will happen if Water Leakage put, is the battery; use it does not have any power to charge, this will lead to battery scrap, will not have this problem now with the protection circuit, but the drawback is that the volume was bigger than without the protection circuit (that is, the upper said battery size) to the point, about 1 mm diameter increased increase the length of about 2 mm. Some difficulties when making some flashlight battery, need to slowly to plug in, but most flashlight can be easily put in.
There is a battery in series and parallel, here to talk about, in fact, our junior high school physics: the series current constant, the voltage is 2 times before; the parallel voltage is constant, the current 2 times.
If your battery is with protection circuit (with anti overcharge and overdischarge function) do not need to read the following introduction, the following is mainly for protection circuit of lithium battery on the battery: the new product is not too much; to the battery in the first use, does not need the charging time is too long, only based on the charger the charging indicator can be: when charging, the charger according to the charging speed, when the color change indicator immediately remove the battery, do not overcharge, suggest charging time should not exceed 3-5 hours; the charging is finished, to remove the battery from the battery charger.

Select the charger to use anti overcharge charger; when in use, according to the requirements of the battery voltage of the flashlight, don’t mess with, to prevent burning torch; in use, when the torch brightness changes obviously when we turn off the flashlight, to prevent over discharge, not with the hand (battery that is used mobile phone automatic shutdown, so the battery will discharge, and can not be reused); use of skills: the torch during use, to ensure normal cooling by hand is the best way to put the proposal burning time according to the heating situation of torch hand timely, so that the heat; the torch when in use, suggestions every 30 minutes off after 2-3 minutes, so that the heat; pay attention to waterproof battery fall proof etc..