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Applications of UV LED flashlight

Applications of UV LED flashlight


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UV LED flashlight can detect the fluorescent agent of facial mask, detect baby supplies material, detect notes and documents. Also, police use uv led torch light to detect blood,and forensic examination is  another important use.

UV LED flashlight emits light within the ultraviolet spectrum. It has a wide variety of applications, like identifying forged documents and looking for leaks in refrigerators. In Africa there are a number of UV flashlight used to identify gems. Such as TANK007 UV02 365 nm 1W Penlight utraviolet torch has multiple uv flashlight uses as below: Check the leaks for air conditioner and automobile circulatory system, Mark and blood inspection, examination of crime scene, Treasure and minerals searching, Antique appraisal, Ink curing and glue curing. Counterfeit and banknotes distinguishing, Gas leaks inspection,Fluorescent reflection of special materials.

UV LED flashlight refers to light that has a wavelength that is smaller than visible light. It is called ultra violet, because violet is the color of the shortest wavelength of visible light. Ultraviolet light is found in sunlight. It is also known as black light.

There are many different types of UV LED flashlights. But UV LED flashlight is not a big segment market, so generally manufacturers will not only manufactures this type of products.The LED is one of the most important parts of the UV flashlights. Some models have settings that allow it to be shone at variable outputs. This allows the user produce the exact amount of light needed to perform a task. UV flashlight is usually impact-resistant, for durability. The quality of the ultraviolet flashlight’s reflector can determine the smoothness of the light beam produced by the LED. The distance covered by the LED generally varies.

The UV flashlight has many different applications.Criminal investigators often use UV flashlights to search for possible evidence at a crime scene. Repairmen commonly use this tool to look for cracks or leaks in equipment located in dark areas.UV flashlight can be used to cure adhesives, great for most leak detection dyes and fluorescent dyes (spot checking), it can also be used for counterfeit bill/document detection, mineralogy, and scorpion/pest detection among other uses.

When UV flashlights are used to verify the authenticity of documents. For example, items that feature a hologram to prevent forgeries –such as credit cards–can be examined using an UV flashlight. Shining the light on the hologram enables one to see a design that has been embedded in the hologram for authorization purposes.

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