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An exellent choice- UVC lamp 222nm

An exellent choice- UVC lamp 222nm


Compared with the current main application of UVC lamp, 222nm has both environmental and biological friendly.
At present, UVC mainly includes mercury lamp and LED light source lamp on the market.
For mercury lamp, the national standard GB/T19258-2012 “Ultraviolet Sterilization lamp” defines as 253.7nm.
ultraviolet sterilization lamp can produce ozone central wavelength 185nm plus 253.7nm application.
The better sterilization effect of mercury lamp can be 185nm VUV producing ozone. It is widely in hospitals, water disinfection cold chain and other logistics disinfection scenarios. However, both ozone and 254nm ultraviolet light are very harmful to organisms. In addition,
as China signs and implements the Minamata Convention,technology will replace the mercury-containing products.

For LED UVC lamps, although it will not produce ozone, but long-term exposure to 265nm ultraviolet light also has great damage to the human body.
In addition, the core factor restricting the commercial promotion of UVC LED is the light conversion efficiency is very low, the industry average level is about 6%-10%
can not be widely commercial promotion for small consumer goods.
The lamp producing 222nm is ultraviolet excimer UVC lamp, which uses high pressure and high frequency electricity outside the ultraviolet lamp tube to bombard the rare gas inside
the lamp tube, and uses medium block to send out a single spectrum, without mercury and no pollution to the environment.
The wavelength of ultraviolet at 222nm is harmless to organisms by academic studies. The cuticle can only absorbeThe far ultraviolet at 222nm.
The outermost layer of the skin, or the outermost layer of the cornea.It mades up of dead cells without a nucleus. Because it cannot penetrate the cuticle,
it does not affect the normal living cells of the skin.Tank007 222nm Sterilizing Door smart alerts infrared sensor disinfection door