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TANK007 Aluminum led rechargeable torch light

TANK007 Aluminum led rechargeable torch light


TANK007 Aluminum led rechargeable torch light

Aluminum led rechargeable torch light

Aluminum LED rechargeable torch flashlight is very important today. Especially when you are alone in the dark becomes very important. There are a variety of flashlights in the market today, and they all use the latest technology, making little change in manufacturing technology. Now the main rechargeable flashlights on the market are using 18650-lithium battery. Some high power ones use 26650 batteries. In addition to driving the LED lamp beads, but also as a charge to the Samsung mobile phones, iPhones and other devices. You only need to charge these flashlights, after charging can generally work 3 to 72 hours.

Tank007 aluminum LED rechargeable flashlight UC20 is such a kind of LED flashlight, made of high strength T6061 aviation aluminum alloy. It uses 1×26650 high-energy memoryless lithium-ion battery rechargeable batteries. The LED flashlight has a maximum brightness of up to 1000 lumens. This is a brand new flashlight and we will discuss some of the internal features that can help you decide whether to buy this product. It is a black torch with a brightness of 1000 lumens. It uses a 1 * 26650 rechargeable battery. Since the shell material has good strength, it is easy to wear under anodic oxidation.

1.UC20 is one of the most popular Rechargeable Flashlights from Tank007, the remarkable component of this flashlight is that it incorporates USB input and output ports.

2.UC20 is a brilliant LED flashlight which underpins USB input and output ports, and can be utilized as a power bank to charge the cell phones and iPad and other cell phones.

3.UC20 flashlight covers 300 meters, which is exceptionally reasonable for climbing, riding, outdoors, chasing and general utilize.

4.Metal button switches are wearable and practical; the specially designed attack head of the flashlight can be applied in the outdoor defense environment.