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A universal tube for outdoor work from the future – KF3 outdoor camping light

A universal tube for outdoor work from the future – KF3 outdoor camping light


You must have never seen a flashlight that can meet all your needs for outdoor work. It is not only a strong flashlight, but also a multi-purpose flashlight that integrates strong light with outdoor camping, construction site work, mosquito repellent, warning, and power bank. Functional portable all-round lamp, it not only has great appearance, but also has so many practical functions.

The advantages of this multi-functional outdoor camping light are also very obvious. Let me introduce them to you one by one:
Outstanding advantage one: long battery life and huge energy
It has a built-in 5200mAh lithium-ion battery, which can also be used as a power bank. It can easily charge several mobile phones. You no longer have to worry about your mobile phone running out of power.
Outstanding advantage two: can float on the water and turn on the double-flash rescue light
When accidentally falling into the water, the entire barrel can float on the water without sinking. In an emergency, the double-flash rescue light can be turned on, which easily attracts attention and allows you to wait for rescue as soon as possible.
Outstanding advantage three: high-end materials, strict control at all levels
The entire flashlight uses 128 German lamp beads, providing 360-degree illumination on one and both sides without blind spots, and the light is flicker-free and eye-friendly. The application fields are also very wide, and can be used for household desk lamps, outdoor camping, wilderness survival, industry, infrastructure, railway operations, etc.
Outstanding advantage four: Comes with built-in mosquito repellent, no worries about mosquitoes in spring, summer, autumn and winter
This flashlight uses nano-light wave mosquito repellent technology, with a radius of 3.8 meters and a space of 45 square meters. It is non-toxic and odorless. There is no need to worry about contamination to pregnant women, infants and young children. It can be used with confidence, giving you peace of mind all night.
Outstanding advantage five: carabiner, strong magnet absorption
It can be carried, hung or adsorbed, so you can use it as conveniently as you want.
Outstanding advantage six: Convenient fast charging
Adopts Type-C direct charging charging method, fireproof PC material, anti-static lampshade
Having said the above about this multifunctional flashlight for outdoor work, are you excited? Your heart beats better than your heart beats. With a bottle in your hand, you can travel worry-free!