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18650 rechargeable led flashlight common charging method

18650 rechargeable led flashlight common charging method


With the development of society, 18650 rechargeable led flashlight products have also been updated, and now the rechargeable led flashlight products have entered the era of 18650 rechargeable flashlight, 18650 rechargeable led flashlight common charging methods?

This is a problem that every rechargeable LED flashlight purchaser is very concerned about. The correct 18650 rechargeable method can not only make the LED flashlight more bright, but also extend the service life of the rechargeable led flashlight. In order to facilitate the majority of users to understand the common charging methods of rechargeable led flashlights, the current rechargeable flashlights are very diverse, so that LED flashlights can be used for 18650 regardless of the environment. Charging.

First, direct charge rechargeable led flashlight

You can use the direct charge 18650 rechargeable method for the led flashlight. This is also the most traditional 18650 rechargeable led flashlight. Each led flashlight is equipped with a direct charge 18650 rechargeable cable. It is very convenient for everyone to use it for charging. Connect the 18650 charging cable to the rechargeable led flashlight power supply. The direct charge 18650 rechargeable flashlight is more convenient, and the general police personnel are equipped with this 18650 rechargeable led flashlight. Quick access when performing actions.

TANK007 UC20 outdoor led flashlight is a USB direct charge led flashlight with up to 1000 lumens with input and output function. It is scientific in design, solid and thick, feels heavy, head attack head design, 3 hidden 18650 rechargeable mode, 18650 rechargeable The head can be recharged by exposing the 18650 charging port. When the battery is not charged, the head can be screwed tightly to effectively waterproof. The charging port adopts a universal micro USB port, which can be directly charged through a 5V USB output interface such as a PC. It is more convenient to use, and the LED flashlight is self-contained. With a USB output charging port, it can be used as a mobile power source to charge electronic devices (such as mobile phones) anytime, anywhere. Ideal for military police, outdoor camping, and field search.

Second, USB rechargeable led flashlight

The USB flashlight can be used for the LED flashlight. This way, we can also charge the USB in the outdoor without the socket, and connect it directly to the computer or the mobile power supply to charge. Very convenient, meeting the needs of our outdoor flashlight charging.

TANK007 UC20 is charged by micro USB interface, which can support more charging modes such as car charger, computer USB, charging treasure charging and so on.

Third, car-filled led flashlight

The LED flashlight can be charged by means of car charging. During the driving process, the rechargeable LED flashlight can be charged by the car charger, which is very convenient and fast, and can meet different needs.

TANK007 UC20 can also be used as a mobile power source to charge mobile devices such as mobile phones and iPads.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone knows about the common charging method of the 18650 rechargeable led flashlight. When charging the led flashlight for charging, you can choose the appropriate method according to your actual situation. Buy led flashlight online: