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10 Tips You Need to Know Before Buying A Flashlight

10 Tips You Need to Know Before Buying A Flashlight



When you are going to buy a new flashlight, do you only care the brightness? You are out! Now, many factors you need to consider. Below are ten tips for you.

  1. life (continuous lighting time): the brightest time (two hours) and the darkest time (100 hours). Lighting time is determined most by the battery and the power of the circuit, LED, So, you’d better get a power-saving flashlight.
  2. The waterproof level (outdoor use IPX-6 is sufficient; IPX-8 is the highest level, work properly 2 meters underwater). Waterproof has lot to do with waterproof apron!
  3. The light bulb, a good flashlight uses US CREE LED bulb, which is clear, long life. Flashlight bulb determines the price.
  4. The circuit board, to see if it is constant current circuit, intelligent memory circuit, whether anti-over-discharge protection circuit
  5. The range of distance, usually up to 100 meters is sufficient. Over 200 meters is a dedicated rescue!
  6. The spotlight and floodlight, good spotlight features long distance, but only to a point; floodlight with close range, but to a large area
  7. Modes, outdoor flashlights have different brightness modes. And as the battery power consumption automatically jump to low-brightness mode, or the flashlight will suddenly go out!
  1. The light color that many people ignore. Sub-white (looks very bright), in white (looks yellow, penetration better than white), yellow (the best penetration, suitable for rain and fog weather, general caving, rock climbing, rescue)

9.  The optical mildness, almost everyone ignore it because it is not obvious. Flashlight light with good mildness does not make you dizzy when it shine close.

  1. Flashlight body, lens, reflector cup, which no one noticed. Good flashlights use aviation aluminum barrel; double-sided AR coating glass lenses; reflective coating using mercury cup.

Additional accessories: Some accessories for flashlight there to increase flashlight features such as diffusers, camp lamp, traffic bars, etc.

The 10 points should let your opponent have a general understanding flashlight, and can help you make some judgment before buying. As for what kind of flashlight is good for you depends on your wallet.