When you use our flashlights, you may meed one or several problems below. If you are not able to solve the problems, read the following articles carefully.

A:The following reasons may cause this kind of problems:
A)The interconnection of flashlight body is not tightened by hand.
B)Surfaces of the PCB or screw thread might be dusty.
C)Components of flashlight tail may be dirty or lock plate might be loosened.
D)The battery runs out
First, please wipe the screw thread, PCB, tail with alcohol, replace the battery or tighten the light head ,light body, light tail, and
then exam if the light can work or not.

You can also consult Customer Service/Maintenance on www.tank007.com for the specific maintenance methods for
different models. If the problems still can’t be resolved properly, please contact local distributors to repair under warranty period.
2. Q : The flashlight gets very hot when I use the flashlight at high light mode just for a moment, is this normal?
A:Yes. It is normal. The high light mode consumes lots of power and need to dissipate much heat, therefore, the flashlight body gets hot fast, especially the head end.

Note: Tank007 can satisfy your everyday lighting requirement at normal lighting mode.
3. Q: I bought a new flashlight with the same model# as an old one, but, the light color is a little different. Is that normal?

A : It is normal, the LED’s color temperature cannot be same from current LED manufacturing- technology.
4. Q: If my flashlights are working improperly, to whom shall we turn for help?
A: If your products are not working properly,
A)Please contact the distributors
B)If the distributors cannot provide you relevant services, please contact Tan007 customer service via email. If the products need to be returned to distributors for reparation, please pack the products well and describe with details the problems you found, mark your name, contact phone number and delivery address, in order that we can provide you prompt service. Before returning the products, please contact distributors for confirmation.
5. Q: Where and how I can buy TANK007 flashlights?
A: Our products are widely sold in large scale outdoor store in many cities, as well as online shops(company website,Alibaba
Global).You may also send email to and tell us where you are located, and we will recommend you TANK007 distributors that is nearest to you.
6 Q: How can I become the distributor for TANK007 flashlights?
A: Please email us at and an information form will be sent to you. After we receive the filledform back, we are going to evaluate the market development situation and and post replies in 2 working days.