Tank,it means “strong, invincible and brave”,“007”stands for eternal fashion elements. TANK007 committed to Create a wide variety of light and make a  sunshine and more exciting life.

Technical strength: tank007 has a R & D team by a group engineers with many years of experience in the industry like structural engineers, design engineers, electrical engineers. The engineers make the product quality stable, and the product is innovative according to the needs of users.

Patents: Tank007 pay attention to make the original products. All products are manufacture in the private mode. TANK007 also has a number of utility model and appearance patent.

Manufacturing experience: It 15 years production experience since 2000 ,in addition,it has a number of CNC automatic / semi automated processing equipment and testing instruments. These guaranteed the production management and quality control excellent.

Certification: TANK007’s products all through the CE, RoHS safety certification, the factory in the past 3 years has passed SGS and BV authority certification.

Product positioning: Tank007 aim at high-end consumer groups all over the world, especially in Europe, America and other developed countries and Chinese first-tier cities.

Flexible cooperation: you can choose to become our brand agents, distributors, dealers. At the same time, we can provide OEM and ODM services for you.