In many areas, weapons like guns, knives are restricted. So, to defense your home, you can choose a bright tactical as a weapon.

Why use a flashlight for home defense?

There are many benefits, but the most important ones include:

There is no legal restriction – there are many restrictions on firearms, knives or other weapons used for self-defense. Not a flashlight!
Fear of the attacker – whether it is a beast or a family invaders, the sudden light will make it blinded and confused
Useful Weapon – Many of the best flashlights are made of durable materials that can be used to defend against attackers.

Find the best flashlight for you

Eventually no one can tell you what the best flashlight is with 100% certainty.

This is because the best flashlight is entirely up to your needs.

When deciding which flashlight is best for you, you should always consider the following important aspects:

How bright do I need?

Remember when you were young, your parents kept in the kitchen cabinets an old flashlight?

That was not a tactical flashlight, no help to family defense.

Tactical flashlights usually use LED bulbs, brighter than typical flashlights.

The brightness of the flashlight is measured in lumens as the unit, according to epidemic mechanics, conventional flashlight is usually 15-20 lumens.

The tactical flashlight is at least 60 lumens (which is three times the brightness) and can be as bright as the 2000 lumens.

When you choose the flashlight that best suits your needs, make sure you have at least 150 lumens of flashlights, but with today’s technology you should be able to find a flashlight closer to 1000 lumens.

Convenience or club?

The best tactical flashlight is made of durable material, with impact resistance.

An important factor can be significant for the size of your tactical flashlight.

To determine the correct size, please consider what you will use it:

Carry something that can fit your pocket or purse.
Stay at home in emergency and family defense? You may want to try something bigger and heavier.
The best flashlight is right for your needs.

The advantage of a large flashlight is that you can use it as a club when necessary, but it may not be as convenient as a flashlight.