Shenzhen Grandoor Electronic Co., Limited(Tank007 Lighting INC.) is now a company specialized in manufacturing flashlights. Tank007 was established in 2000. Before 2008, it was a factory which mainly processed various hardware. During this period, we had accumulated lots of experience about hardware processing, especially about flashlight manufacturing. Meanwhile, we kept absorbing professional electronic engineers and structure engineers. Therefore, till 2008, we had the ability to design, develop, manufacture, and market flashlights.

To meet the need of high-end flashlights, Shenzhen Grandoor Electronic Co., Limited ) mainly aim to middle-high end market. We have our own designers, electronic engineers and structure engineers, and we have the ability to manufacture the best flashlight in the world in the future. Now, Tank007 is known to tens of thousands of customers in the world, and have gained trust and support all over the world especially from Europe and America, as well as China Public Security Department.

Founded in March, 2010, TANK007 LIGHTING INC. has been developed from a hardware manufacturing factory, which was established in the year 2000, when it was specialized in manufacturing and processing precise hardware components and metal decorative lighting. With its development and market repositioning, since the year 2008,TANK007 has absorbed professional electronic engineers and structure engineers so that it has already become an enterprise entity integrated with self-development and designing, production and sales. Now TANK007 Lighting Inc. focus on high end mobile lighting market and so far TANK007 has become a reliable supplier for its customers and has gained the trust and support of many customers from Europe and America, as well as China Public Security Department.

During 12 years since its foundation, TANK007 has cultivated faithful and skillful workers who have already been working with it for more than 5 years.

Oriented by development and creation, TANK007 pays attention to product originality.
TANK007 has established cooperative relationship with world’s top material supplier (for example, all TANK007 flashlights adopt the most famous led like CREE from the USA, Osram from Germany, UV chip from Japan, etc). All the key parts of flashlights are self-developed and processed in order to ensure stable performance and competitive cost, for which TANK007 flashlights has enjoyed good reputation in flashlight industry.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for our workers for years as well as our commercial partners. TANK007 will continue to create a BRAND that is trusted by all its consumers.